[Tracks D-1] Ta-da! Tracks is launching tomorrow!
Tracks is available on both GooglePlay and AppStore. 😎

It’s time to meet the improved version of Tracks. Thanks to all tracks users and beta testers.
What’s new in Tracks? Here’s the story.


You can meet sound 2.0ver.

  • Adjust the difficulty level of Missions.
  • Adjust Sound Balance so that you can hear sound contents clearly.
  • Upgrade the sound of Growlers.



Then, What’s new in App?

  • Upgrade the GPS & Steps tracking.
  • Integrate with Apple Health Kit and Google Fitness.
  • Add a Guide for Running Missions etc.

Now, What do you have to do?

You can login via your current account for launching version. And your running archives exist. Don’t worry about it.
For Android, you have to delete the beta version app before installing the official version.
How about running with Tracks today for warming up?
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Big Thank You For All You Guys. 

Tracks Team.