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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is TRACKS?

    If you have been listening to the same music, and running the same courses.
    Easily got tired and give up exercising.

    No more boring running!
    Sound blockbuster for running, TRACKS App that helps you to run with fun!
    Available for free in the App Store and Google play store.

    When proceeding with the 15 Episode of Growler,
    the course you are running on becomes a battlefield scene in the movies.

  • How to use tracks app?

    Three Tabs:  Feed, Tracks, Setting.

    (1) Feed Tab
    You can check contents at Feed Tab.
    After completing a chapter, a daily feed will be formed for you to check your exercise record.
    You can also check a current rank, experience points and exercise amount.
    Don’t miss out running tips and behind stories!

    (2) Tracks Tab
    Prepare a earphone and run! Listen to the realistic sound.

    With buildings falling and a monster chasing you,
    Run from the bombs that are falling nonstop around you.

    When proceeding with the 15 Growler stories,
    the mundane road that you run through becomes a battlefield in the movies.

    (3) Setting Tab
    You can change distance unit, languages and etc.
    Also you can share or rate our app! Don’t forget about this!

  • What is ‘story mode’ and ‘mission mode’?

    Each chapter is consists of story mode and mission mode.
    At Story mode, start to run like in the middle of battle field at your pace.
    At mission mode, running with approximately 10 efficient ways like ‘Sprint’, ‘Shocking’, ‘Interval’ and accomplish your missions.

  • How to rank up in TRACKS?

    Here are some tips about how to rank up in tracks.
    Experience point (Exp) is required to rank up. The experience point is required more as the rank advances.
    You can earn exchange points by following these actions.

    • Complete a chapter
    • Achieve a certain exercise amount
    • Rate our app
    • Share our app

    Check out the table below and achieve that higher rank!

    level rank title minimum exp
    Level1 The Evidence Finder Basic
    Level2 The Cool-Hearted Sniper Exp. 1800
    Level3 The Secret Spy Exp. 5100
    Level4 The Demolition Expert Exp. 12500
    Level5 The Slaughtering Warmonger Exp. 22500
    Hidden Class The Growler Annihilator secret

  • I have a problem or support issue I need resolved, who do I email?

    The best way to get in touch with us is to visit our contact page.

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