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into An Action Movie with Tracks App.

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Run in a battlefield. 1min is enough to make you run.

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For the thrill seeker, Get your pants scared off as Tracks turns your run into a live action movie -GoogleInsider

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This app turns your boring run into an action movie.

What is tracks

Run with sound!Stories that make you run.

Growlers are behind you! Bang of gunshot going right by ears. Be in the middle of the war for survival.

Missions optimized beat for running

A runner’s guide such as sprint and interval missions will
be provided.

Rankings’ upgrade available

Play a chapter and earn exchange points to get a higher

Check your own exercise archives.

After finishing a chapter, a daily feed card is created.
Check the FEED tab!


Tracks is a engaging app for those who like to run on a “mission”. The missions keep you active, the sounds ensure the adrenalin is pumping, and the team is great at listening and making changes where needed.

eesti23 -

My aim in tracks was to find something enjoyable to do while jogging alone or with a friend,
Not only was that possible, but I noticed a slight peak in the number of times I went jogging regularly as I finally had something fun to do

Christophergriffinhand -

TRACKS is not my first running app with RPG elements that I’ve used, but it’s the first app to successfully scared the crap out of me. The sounds were so realistic — having a good pair of earphones is not helping at all! — I actually caught myself looking back while running. Especially since I tried the first chapter at 11:30pm. Not even the zombie version was as scary. I highly suggest runners to NOT run with TRACKS at night. Unless you’re a horror fan, then you would probably enjoy it a lot.

Alson Kaw - Creative Director @ Caffein8 Creative LABS


First Story, Growler

A world infested with Growlers. Mankind is fighting to survive
Experience the new age of blockbuster sound effects.

tracks app

Stories only for running

Our focus was on creating the most realistic in-app sounds to
make sure you run.The road you run becomes an action film
scene with total 15 episodes of Growler series.

Ready to run?
The platoon and growlers are waiting for you.
Plug in your earbuds, Just run!
Let your body listen, feel, and react to the growlers chasing after you.

tracks app

Carry out stories & missions perfect for running in Tracks App

The episodes present a variety of missions featuring sessions of sprints, shocking, intervals, and more of the most efficient 10 types of running.
Stories and missions optimized beat for running will maximize your workout effectiveness.(more than 110 BPM)

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